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Seed Project


The pollinator-friendly seeds in  this package can be planted in gardens, pots, balconies, schoolyards and boulevards.  We chose species that are either native or fully compatible with our native bees and easy to grow.  While Borage, Calendula and Bee Balm readily self-seed, Bachelor Buttons, Cosmos, Mexican Sunflower, and Zucchini are annuals that need to be replanted each year.   All are described in the enclosed story-guide that celebrates the forms, patterns, and meanings of seeds.

We are asking a donation of $10 to defray the cost of the seeds and packaging and to aid us in this year’s projects.  The packages are available at:

  • Peterborough Green-up Store, Aylmer St. , Peterborough
  • Kawartha Local Marketplace,  King St., Peterborough
  • Avant Garden Shop, Sherbrooke St. Peterborough
  • Bluestreak Records, George St., Peterborough
  • Happenstance Books and Yarns, Lakefield

We will also have them available at our booth on Seedy Sunday.

You can also request one or more by email: