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Our Vision

Conscious of belonging to a vibrant ecosystem of inter-dependent life forms, processes and systems, we acknowledge, as humans, our responsibility as stewards. Aware of the steep decline in pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds, we envision a network of pathways and gardens with native plants attracting pollinators in all seasons.  In concert with similar projects world-wide, we are working together to make Peterborough Pollinators a reality.

Working together to cultivate a resilient environment for local pollinators.

Join us in a co-creative initiative to spread pollinator gardens throughout Peterborough – bringing health, beauty and the experience of nature to our neighbourhoods and daily lives.

The 2017 Peterborough Pollinators  garden map now on-line!

The 150 Gardens project was a success! As of September 1, 2017,  175 gardens (private and public) had been entered and spatially validated. Spatial validation assured that each garden would show up on a Google map.  The full flowers are public gardens (parks, churches, schools); the half flowers are private.

This year’s fund raiser: we  made starter seed kits for new or expanded pollinator gardens,  comprised of seven pollinator-friendly seeds: Borage, Bachelor Buttons, Calendula, Cosmos, Mexican Sunflower, Bee Balm and Zucchini. Each is described in a beautifully illustrated guide and planting instructions are included.

We are busy planning the weekend visit of Mark L. Winston, author of Beetime: Lessons from the Hive, May 5-6.  Plans include a book signing of his newest book: Listening To The Bees (reserve a copy),  a talk by him at Market Hall, guided pollinator garden walks, and a dialog summit with him.

So save those dates – May 5th and 6th, 2018!