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Working together to cultivate a resilient environment for local pollinators.

Join us in a co-creative initiative to spread pollinator gardens throughout Peterborough – bringing health, beauty and the experience of nature to our neighbourhoods and daily lives.


The 2017 Peterborough Pollinators Calendar now available!

It’s so much more than a calendar – it’s a 12-month guide to local pollinator gardening and backyard nature with daily tips, seasonal happenings, and activities. All proceeds to support our Pollinator Garden initiatives.

Order yours today!

Our Vision

Conscious of belonging to a vibrant ecosystem of inter-dependent life forms, processes and systems, we acknowledge, as humans, our responsibility as stewards. Aware of the steep decline in pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds, we envision a network of pathways and gardens with native plants attracting pollinators in all seasons.  In concert with similar projects world-wide, we are working together to make Peterborough Pollinators a reality.


Get involved by coming out to some of the upcoming events in our community.

Monthly Community Meeting

Citizens are invited to participate in our monthly meetings, taking place every last Wednesday of the month. You are welcome to join in our lively discussions that focus on envisioning, designing and implementing new pollinator-related projects for our community.

The last Wednesday of each month,


Email ptbopollinators@gmail.com

150 Pollinator Gardens Challenge!

Can we, as citizens, schools and community groups, create or revitalize
150 pollinator-friendly gardens to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary? This lofty vision will help promote healthy, sustainable habitats for pollinators, including bees, butterflies, beetles and birds. To be part of this campaign, register your new or existing garden at PeterboroughPollinators.com/Register. You can also order our lovely garden sign ($15) by sending an email to garden-sign@ptbopollinators.com. Join us and be part of the growing pollinator movement in Peterborough!

Throughout 2017

Throughout the City of Peterborough area

Email ptbopollinators@gmail.com

Doors Open Peterborough

Peterborough Pollinators has been invited to highlight and celebrate the natural environment since the time of Confederation, 1867 to 2017. Our interactive exhibit at Fleming Park narrates the City’s natural heritage through photos, graphics, maps and information. We also plan on hosting an Art-Nature Dialogue.

May 6, 2017, 10:00am-4:00pm

Fleming Park (Brock St and Aylmer St)

Email ptbopollinators@gmail.com